Monday, April 30, 2012

Monkeys for Nothin' and Chimps for Free by Reel Big Fish


This album is very, very mediocre. I mean, I know Reel Big Fish have been pumping out records and surely you hit dry spells in creativity... But I think that's when you don't release anything.  Pretty much from start to end this is bland. UGH! Reel Big Fish why do you disappoint me!


If this album were by any other band than Reel Big Fish, I would probably give it a seven or eight. But, c'mon RBF! You guys are responsible for Turn the Radio Off and Cheer Up! Is this really the best you could do? You disappoint me. You could at least have released this huge pile of average under a fake name, so I could go on blissfully pretending that everything you guys make is awesome.

kurtkurtkurt: 3/10
Stuckski: 4/10

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  1. haha.. well it IS re-recordings of their first cd which was very very bad. And the rest are b-sides. Surprised they even released this as a real album.