Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anthology of Releases: 2001-2003 by Career Suicide


This album is great, it's an hour long and has 44 songs on it. These guys go from blitzkrieg fast with You Call this a Life? to the more traditional 80s hardcore sounds of Moron. Definitely pit material. Get ye some!


If I had to describe hardcore punk in one word, I would probably choose "Energy". Hardcore is about leaving behind all the complicated affectations we add to our music and getting down to the raw energy underneath. I've never listened to Career Suicide before, but from the first track to last, I was sucked in by the raw chaotic simplicity of their music. I can only imagine how awesome their live show is! If you don't feel like moshing and headbanging while listening to this music, you are probably seriously deficient somehow. Seriously, go get yourself checked out.


kurtkurtkurt: 9/10
Stuckski: 9/10

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