Thursday, May 3, 2012

Specials by The Specials


My love for this band goes back to when I first truly started exploring music. It wasn't until middle school when I began to be able to use the internet to find music. Since there were a multitude of programs (Napster) that allowed ease to acquiring music I began to broaden my musical (ska) horizons. While they were hardly the first Ska band I ever heard and not the band that got me into the music (Five Iron Frenzy and a multitude of other Christian Ska bands take that title) this album gained a place in my heart the more I listened to it and I learned more about the genre.

As far as albums go The Specials' Specials is one of my favorite albums of all time.

A Message To You Rudy, Little Bitch and Gangsters are a good sampling from this album.

(Note to peeps. My version is the U.S. version so it includes their song Gangsters which is not on the original UK pressing.)


Well, they're pretty...special. HAHAHAHHAHA...Get it?! Super cool joke there, I'm really topping myself this time. I've already mentioned my feelings about two-tone ska on previous posts (recap: they're good feelings), and the Specials are the kings of two-tone. Love 'em, and love this album. One a side note, when I spent about one second filling in as guitarist for my friend's band The Openers (who have since reached level 16 and evolved into Use the Boost, a chip-punk extravaganza), we covered A Message for You Rudy, and that is -to date- still the only ska song I know how to play. Who was that friend who's band I was in, you ask? Why nobody else but the fan-fuckin-tastic mr Kurtkurtkurt himself!

kurtkurtkurt: 10/10
Stuckski: 9/10

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