Friday, May 11, 2012

Secret Agent 8 - Secret Agent 8


These guys are one of the bands that really, really got me into ska. I found these guys back when was for artists just putting their work online. Their sound is like Third Wave Ska mixed in with some jazz. VERY strong horn section. Whenever I perform 'A Message to You Rudy' I always throw in a verse from their homage to it 'Rudi, What Happened to You?' (Sorry no youtube links unfortunately). These guys just always put me in a good mood whenever I play their music. If you can find yourself a copy of the album give it a listen to.


There is a song called 'Beer's OK' on this album, and that pretty much epitomizes the entire album to me: chill. Everyone seems relaxed and happy, the brass section creates an upbeat rhythm, and they don't really seem too worked up about anything. Beer's OK and so's this album.


kurtkurtkurt: 10/10
Stuckski: 8/10

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