Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hang-Ups by Goldfinger

I think the first time I ever heard these guys was in that movie King Pin Superman is on the soundtrack. Anyways these guys are pretty alright, they're up there with the other big 90s contenders of the ska/punk world. This album has, in my opinion, some of their better more memorable songs, but it was never as stand out as the rest of the the 90s scene.

I'm in love with the nineties, and I ain't ashamed of it. The punk/ska from this era often gets overlooked, and even vilified as the beginning of the whole 'pop-punk' shit-storm that we're caught in these days, but -fuck it all- I still love it. Goldfinger is one of the bands (along with the Offspring, MxPx, Green Day, Dropkick Murphys, Reel Big Fish, and Blink 182 among others) that helped create in me a love for punk, and while I have branched out since then, these are the bands that I always come back to.

I bought Hang-ups and Turn off the Radio by Reel Big Fish at the same time from a second hand store. The covers looked cool, even though I hadn't heard of either of the bands. I think they cost me a combined $2.50. And that, boys and girls, is how I discovered ska. Hang-Ups isn't quite as good as the later 'Open Your Eyes'. But it is still pretty damn good.

kurtkurtkurt: 7/10
Stuckski: 9/10

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