Let's cut to the chase and admit that all of our album reviews are going to be subjective.

Let's face it there are bands that the only reason you don't like them is some jerk in middle school was mean to you and he loved them. There are albums you love because you got it for a gift one year, or it was the first one you physically bought with your own money.

In case you're curious as to how albums get selected it goes like this. We trade off. We select an album. go to random. Hit next 5 times. Review that album. Hit next 5 times. Review that album. etc. We trade off playlists

kurtkurtkurt and stuckski reside in a tiny apartment with kurtkurtkurt's brother. They both have a couple of albums on their computer and decided they'd find out which ones were complete shit.


Well metacritic this ain't, although we're probably better than pitchfork (our heads aren't entirely up our own asses). We're not in the business of telling you whether an album is objectively good music or not. We're here to tell you what we were drinking when this album came on, and to occasionally ramble on about something completely unrelated to the music because we feel like it.

kurtkurtkurt and stuckski both have a comic they try to do things for.

kurtkurtkurt and his brother have a separate one as well.

kurtkurtkurt is also in a sometimes band with his brother and friend.

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