Saturday, May 12, 2012

Folly - Insanity Later


Sorry Stuckski.

So these guys are straight up hardcore/slam dance punch you in the face breakdown music, with a touch of ska thrown in to confuse the ska kid in me trying to skank. This album is very loud and agressive. Overall definitely not my cup of tea. I did enjoy Discussion is for the Pigs, which will give you a general feel for what they do, but I'm not always super big into screaming. I respect what they're trying to do overall, meshing two genres that seem like complete opposites, but it's hard to fully enjoy the results  for me.


Well, there's a lot of screaming, I'm pretty sure these guys are pissed about something or other. Don't know what, because -once again- they are screaming. I hate screaming in music. Wait, let me elaborate for a second here: I love shouting and chants in most of my music, it adds to the energy and creates a great mood. Screaming is completely different: you can barely understand what they're saying and it just sounds like a choir of petulant 14-year olds. The few moments when the singer isn't screaming actually sound quite good. Pity he couldn't do that for the entire fucking album.


kurtkurtkurt: 4/10
Stuckski: 2/10

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  1. some of the guitar and drums sounds pretty punk and awesome. But I do not enjoy the screaming as well.