Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Complete Hank Williams (Disc 1)


I love Hank Williams. I love this old timey / cowboy / country.
Apparently the guy has had many women in his lifetime leave him. (Or one person a lot). Thus he writes his lovesick cowboy songs. So God Bless those women. His music just makes you want to lean back in your recliner, sitting on your porch of course, and relax. Smile big. Life’s good.

I Saw The Light Technically this is a Live version, but it's actually better than the album version.


God, why does Kurtkurtkurt think it's a good idea to have about five billion albums by Hank Williams?! Well, the random gods have spoken, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
Actually, after listening I've gotta say there're a few good tracks on this disc. Some of the songs have a nice 'islandy' feel to them; what with that soft Hawaiian strumming going on in the background. I could definitely see myself listening to this while lazing in a hammock at the beach.
Still don't really like his more pure country stuff though.

Best Song: I Don't Care (if tomorrow never comes), I dare you not to imagine yourself on a Hawaiian beach after the guitars kick in about a third of the way in.


Kurkurtkurt: 9/10
Stuckski: 5/10

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