Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Crush EP by Sabrepulse


I'm torn between not being a huge fan of electronica and being a huge fan of chiptune. I mean, I'm jealous of some of the sounds this guy can make (because I need to implant it into my music). However, I prefer my chiptune with less electronica and more of a traditional video game feel (unlike Stuck I DID play a lot of video games as a child).


Here's a little secret for all you wippersnappers: I didn't actually play that many vidyagames when I was little. One of my friends had a NES that I played maybe once or twice a year, and that's it. Not until college did I get into all the classic games, thanks to some really nerdy friends I made (thanks Drew, Hans, Kurt, Kyle and company). Try to keep it on the dl, I've got a reputation to keep up.
All this to say that the sense of nostalgia I get while listening to chiptune is entirely artificial. But you know what? I can live with that. Also, this EP is good like a grilled cheese sammich.

<edit> Kurt, you do realise that chiptune IS electronica right?

<edit> Every day of my life.

Stuckski: 8/10
kurtkurtkurt: 5/10

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  1. OK... looked up the first song of theirs and it juts reminds me of Owl City.

    EDIT ok there is some eletronica but I still hear Owl city loopy high note haha.