Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Statesboro Blues: The Early Years 1927 -1935 (Disc 3) by Blind Willie McTell


I got into blues/country/bluegrass/folk a few years back and that's where I got this. It's really interesting this album kinda slaps every single recording he ever made together into one giant album. You end up getting several recording of the same song, just a different take, and where songs would be shelved as a b-side or just generally mediocrity they've been placed into this collection. His voice is okay, but just not quite there. Unfortunately he's no Leadbelly or Robert Johnson and it shows.


My own pappy loves playing guitar, and has instilled a love in me for blues and bluegrass, so I enjoyed Willie's guitar. His voice isn't quite so entertaining, and as for the lady who regularly throws in vocals...well let's just say I really wish she hadn't. I really, really do.
All in all, the guitar doesn't really make up for a lot of the grating vocals, and the mediocre sound quality (yeah, I know it's how most of the thirties sounded...and I don't give a fuck).


kurtrkurtkurt: 4/10
Stuckski: 5/10 (Nice guitar can only make up for so much)

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