Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures of the O.C. Supertones by the O.C. Supertones


Ska is a genre I'm (verbally) harsh on because I love it. Granted it's rare I'll rate a ska album lower than 6. So imagine 6 being 1 or 2 for ska (or punk).

There were three major ska bands that were part of the Contemporary Christian Music scene. Contemporary Christian Music, or CCM is a sad distinction that was created in the 80s out of fear of the devilish modern music industry. The O.C. Supertones was one of these three ska bands. They popped out in the 90s with a load of other Ska bands that made up the 3rd Wave.

It's disappointing that they will always be judged as being good for a 'Christian band' instead of their own merit. For a ska band they were decent. They had all the right grooves and catchy melodies. The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones was I believe their first and it shows. Their horn section is stale always playing the exact same thing. Heaven and I Love God both being completely void of that horn section stick out as the strongest. But since bands like them hold a place in my youth I can never leave them out to dry.


The Supertones are one of the few reasons I don't hate all Christian bands. Instead of just riding the Jesus train, they also make some good music; you musicians should do. Too many 'Christian' bands are content to make inferior music, safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of Christian kids and parents out there that will only buy music that sweet baby Jaysus would approve of anyways.

I have no problem with bands singing about their faith, any more than I have a problem with bands singing about their belief in legalizing weed, or singing about all that crack they used to sling down at the corner. Good music usually supersedes the lyrics.

Anyways, Adventures isn't as good as their other albums, but it's perfectly skankable by and large. Once in a while the rhythm slows down to a 'worship song' crawl, which is kind of annoying in what is otherwise a fast paced album.


kurtkurtkurt: 7/10
Stuckski: 7/10


  1. OC supertones is the reason I am an atheist.

    1. Well I guess if there was one band to make that happen The Supertones was the best choice?