Wednesday, April 18, 2012

City Baby's Revenge by Charged G.B.H.


Charged G.B.H. basically helmed the UK's Hardcore Punk scene in the 80s. City Baby's Revenge is fast, loud and rough. It's pit material if I've ever heard it. On this album in particular the opening songs are stronger, they slow it down a bit towards the end and it just doesn't work as well. Check out Prayer of the Realist or Wardogs.


UK Punk has always been one of my favorite subgenres, and Charged G.B.H. don't disappoint. A pure punk album from beginning to end, City Baby's Revenge is one long ride of chaotic drums, bass and guitar, accompanied by hoarsely shouted vocals. If you like punk, you'll like this. Unless you're one of those Panic at the Disco pussies. In which case…piss off. Faster, Faster probably gives a good taste of what these guys are all about.


kurtkurtkurt: 8/10
Stuckski: 8/10

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