Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where The Sun Never Sets by A Global Threat


Mmmmmm! Some good ol' fashioned Punk Rock. Good taste in my mouth! They're political and angry, like most punk. 10 of their 18 tracks on this album don't even reach the two minute mark jus the way I like it! I wouldn't say they stand out in any way to other punk bands, but that's not always a bad thing. The Running Man is one of my favored tracks for it's featuring of the bass as the lead instrument (at least at the beginning).


What's that? It's 9:30pm and you're trying to get to sleep so you can be rested for work tomorrow? Oh dear, the asshole next door is blasting his devil's music and you can't get to sleep? Surprise bitch! That asshole is me, and I'm listening to Where The Sun Never Sets, so fuck off!
Ahhh punk, it just makes me want to chug some 40s, spray-paint something lewd on the walls and then kick a hole in it for good measure. Good times.


kurtkurtkurt: 8/10
Stuckski: 8/10

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