Tuesday, April 17, 2012

14:59 by Sugar Ray

Another middle school era album. The turn of the century had a lot of good things coming out of it, especially music. Sugar Ray pumped out this beauty that just warms your heart. Everyone was rolling with this feel good rock, canned beats and turntables.

Ignoring the joke intro, the album kicks off strong with their single Every Morning. You're gently caressed by it's catchy guitar riffs. Well that and being asked to shut the door baby. Don't say a word. Someday feels like a lazy sunday afternoon on summer vacation, easing you into the, surprising, punk Aim for Me. I think the only song I've never been sold on is Abracadabra, always felt kinda cheesy.


Nineties music has a special place in my heart... and it doesn't get much more nineties than Sugar Ray. There's really not much I can say about 14:59 other than that it is upbeat and fun. Every Morning is one of those hits that will probably make it onto classic rock stations in a decade or so. Aim for Me is an awesomely loud punk track. Listen to it, enjoy it, thank me. That's about it.


kurtkurtkurt: 8/10 (We need to stop agreeing, make things more interesting)
Stuckski: 8/10

Stuckski: Just wait for all those rave and d&b albums to kick in kurt...

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  1. yeah its weird you guys have been agreeing lately. FUCCCCCCCKKK THAAAAAAAT