Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Operation Ivy - Energy


This is gonna be so cliché for me to give this album a perfect rating but I can't help it. This album fucking rocks. These guys essentially made ska/punk sound like it does today. There really aren't any songs that I don't like on this album. I never want to skip a single song when it comes onto my playlist. Stuckski might remember, but we covered Knowledge (poorly) the first time we ever played a show. I guess at the end of the day whenever Energy comes on I have to stop and smile. Everything seems like it's gonna be okay.


It's good in that it led to many awesome things, but I'm going to say for pure enjoyment of the album, and setting aside any thoughts of what it did for the music scene as a whole, this album rates a solid 7 for me. After they forged the way for ska/punk other bands came and did it a bit better. However, they are forever a legend for being the ones to do it first.


kurtkurtkurt: 10/10
Stuckski: 7/10

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