Friday, June 29, 2012

Cake - Prolonging the Magic


When I lived in Colorado 93.3 KTCL loved to play Let Me Go. Since then I have been forever a fan of Cake. I love when they do Rock, I love when they do Country, I love their trumpet. Pretty much I'm pretty big into the band. Something about his half talking half singing always was appealing to me. They were definitely one of those defining "Alt Rock" 90s band.


It's hard to categorize Cake's music. At it's core are the the basic drum and bass beats, and the singer rambling his way through surreal lyrics, almost a strange, slow, melodic version of 90's hip-hop. Around this core you have the guitar and horns wandering aimlessly in and out of the compositions. Add to this a pinch of electronica here and there and you've got a prime recipe for Cake. Taken separately, nothing being done is especially groundbreaking or different, but once it all comes together the result is a kind of gestalt music, almost a genre of it's own.
Guess I like it.


kurtkurtkurt: 8/10
Stuckski: 8/10

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