Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (Disc 2)

Pretty much you can probably look at the last review and get the just of what I think of the album. It's fantastic (go us for differing in opinions recently!) My Bucket's Got A Hole In It is probably one of Hank's most recognizable songs (it's well deserved.) Quite frankly I still love this.


Gee Willikers, thanks Kurt, another Hank Williams album!
        We reviewed one of the other discs in this collection earlier, and I managed to somehow avoid being negative about an album in a genre that I have little patience for. Those halcyon days of tolerance are now irrevocably over however,  as I'm rapidly losing patience with ol' Hank's country twang. There are still some 'islandy' guitar riffs that remind me of the beach and warmer climes, but it no longer makes up for all the other little irritants.
         Every time Hanks voice cracks while singing I want to reach down his throat and punch his vocal chords. Every time the fiddle starts into it's infuriatingly predictable bits, I  just want to.....HOLY SHIT IS THAT CHRISTIAN BALE ON THE COVER, WHAT THE FUCK!?


kurtkurtkurt: 9/10 (it's all good)
Stuckski: 3/10 (guitar's still good)

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